Logistics preparedness

Logistics preparedness is a key component of any disaster reduction effort. Planning is both necessary and practical, since it is generally possible to foresee the types of disasters that may affect a given location and the needs that such disasters will be likely to engender. Logistics preparedness must be based on the vulnerability and resource assessment.

Based on the assessment of needs the respective Regional Logistics Unit covering the disaster affected area publishes a list of emergency relief items that National Societies and other parties can donate to an operation (known as the mobilization table). The prioritisation, transport planning, reception and distribution of emergency supplies is a vital life-saving coordination role managed by the Federation’s logistics function.

The logistics stock preparedness is essential in covering the initial needs in the immediate aftermath of any disaster. LRMD has pre-positioned emergency response stockpiles sufficient to meet the needs of 300,000 people for one month. These stockpiles are strategically located in a global network of Regional Logistic Units, based in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Panama.

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