Our global structure

The IFRC’s Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management (LPSCM) Department has a global network including:

  • a headquarters-based LPSCM Department in Geneva including:
    • Global Strategic Sourcing team
    • Global LPSC Excellence team
    • Global Compliance advisory services
    • Global Logistics advisory services
    • a Global Fleet and Logistics Hub in Dubai
    • a Global Operational LPSCM unit in Budapest
  • Four regional operational LPSCM units located in Panama, Kuala Lumpur, Nairobi and Beirut
  • country-based logistics set-up

The LPSCM Department in Geneva maintains overall responsibility for strategy, funding and management for the global logistics functions.

This regionalized structure ensures that the IFRC can source and deliver relief items and services to assist the most vulnerable quickly and effectively due to proximity to the operations.

In addition to these units, the IFRC can deploy logistics emergency response units (ERUs) in large emergency response operations, when global assistance is needed. 

To find out more about the IFRC LPSCM, please contact one of our units: