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Dominica Emergency appeal after Tropical Storm Erika

Dominica: Emergency appeal after Tropical Storm Erika

Launched emergency appeal to support the Dominica Red Cross in assisting 3,000 families

Relief efforts by the Dominica Red Cross Society underway

Relief efforts by the Dominica Red Cross Society underway

Since touching down on Dominica on Thursday, August 28th 2015, Tropical Storm Erika has caused a significant amount of damage to the island nation

Emergency response: Dominica´s recovery

Emergency response: Dominica´s recovery

The island of Dominica sustained significant damage due to the passage of Tropical Storm Erika

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National Headquarters
Federation Drive
Goodwill, Roseau

بيانات الاتصال:

الهاتف: (001)(767) 448-8280/440-2483/615-8414/448-8280/
الفاكس: (001) (767) 448-7708
تيليكس: 8625 TELAGY DO - for Dominica RC (Only in case of emergency if fax and telegram do not work)
تلغراف: DOMCROSS
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لغة المراسلات: English


  • President: Mr Reginald WINSTON
  • Vice-President: Mr Thomas MCDONALD
  • Director General: Mrs. Sandra ROLLES
  • Head of Disaster Management : Mrs Sandra CHARTER-ROLLE
  • Head of Health and Blood Services : Ms Jessica PINARD-BYRNE
  • FDRS focal point :

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