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Sandy’s strong winds destroy homes and livelihoods in Jamaica

Sandy’s strong winds destroy homes and livelihoods in Jamaica

By Lancelot McCalla Following the destruction wrought upon the Caribbean by Hurricane Sandy, the Jamaica Red Cross, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security has continued to do door to door evaluations in the three most affected parishes, St. Thomas, St. Mary and Portland. With more than 18,000 homes affected in the country, it is evident that the process of recovery will...

Jamaica Red Cross: a pioneer in HIV/AIDS programmes in the Caribbean

When the first case of HIV/AIDS in Jamaica was diagnosed in 1982, the Jamaica Red Cross (JRC) was invited by the Ministry of Health to take part in what would become the National AIDS Committee.

Gustav: Red Cross preparations enable fast response

Hurricane Gustav, a category three storm carrying winds of up to 185 kilometres an hour, has now hit the North American coast.

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Central Village, St Catherine
76 Arnold Road
Jamaica West Indies
Kingston 4 5

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الهاتف: (1) (876) 984 7860/7861/7862
بريد إلكتروني: jrcs@jamaicaredcross.org
Web: http://www.jamaicaredcross.org

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  • President: Miss Hope Munroe
  • Vice President: Mr Martin GOODEN
  • Vice-President: Miss Susan MOORE
  • Treasurer General: Mr Errol JONES
  • Director General: Ms Yvonne CLARKE
  • Deputy Director General (Focal Point): Mrs Lois HUE
  • Chairman-CARE: Mrs Rosemarie NEALE-IRVING
  • Chairman, Public Relations: Ms Allison WATSON
  • Chairman - Finance Commission: Mr Dennis TOWNSEND
  • Chairman - Youth: Mrs Beverley HARRIS
  • Chairman - Emergency Services : Mr Michael GORDON
  • Legal Advisor: Mr Oswald BURCHENSON
  • Recording Secretary: Miss Audrey MULLINGS
  • Immediate Past President: Dr. Dennis EDWARDS
  • Member: Mr. Lustan LETTS
  • Member: Mr Dormah HARRISON

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