Checkin - How is your organizational Data Literacy journey?

Is Data Literacy advocacy and implementation part of your role and journey? Are you building 'data literacy' programs and practices in your humanitarian or development organization? We have regular check-ins in the Red Cross Red Crescent around data and information use in our work. It is invaluable to connect with other practitioners. Building on this practice, IFRC joined up with Fabriders and the Center for Humanitarian Data are convening "Data Literacy Consortium" calls to help practioneers meet and talk about data literacy and organizational development.

"In today’s world, Data is everywhere, everything is a data project. We may not all be good at math and statistics, but we all have a role to play in helping our teams and organisations be more data-driven and data-informed.

Often organizations focus on data science as the output of ‘data ready’ or a ‘data-driven organization.’ We are leaving people behind by not being equitable in the application of technology and the potential opportunities this brings. More and more organizations are building a data culture shift to upskill staff, processes, and infrastructure to be more data savvy."

Join us for the next Data Literacy Consortium call

Join us on Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 at 14:00 UTC/ 16:00 CET for a Data Literacy Consortium Check In. RSVP here to get details. If you are just getting started or on your way, join us to share best practices, ideas, lessons, and resources.


IFRC Data Playbook

IFRC is convening the Data Literacy Consortium because many people and organizations contacted us about their data journey. We created the Data Playbook to help people get more data ready. While the social learning pick-and-choose model was designed for the Red Cross Red Crescent movement, we have heard from you that it is helpful. Do share more details on how you are using the Data Playbook.

Check out the Data Playbook

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