Convening a Data Literacy Consortium

What if Humanitarians collaborated on data literacy and data skills? Data is everywhere and part of all our jobs. We know that humanitarians, like other sectors, seek ways to upgrade their data/digital skills. There is a wealth of learning materials for all types of tools and more complex data skills. We identified the need to focus on helping bridge between the data curious and the data ready. Currently, there are networks for data science, information management, cash and every other sector across humanitarian response. The IFRC Data Playbook (beta) project provided us with a means to test for the larger goal to increase and collaborate on data literacy. When we prototyped and piloted the Data Playbook (beta) project, we started receiving positive feedback from other humanitarians. They were keen to use the content and co-create. We also partnered with the Center for Humanitarian Data on three workshops and some Data Playbook beta content. Partnerships within the Red Cross Red Crescent movement and with our humanitarian allies could help us all grow data literacy within our organizations.
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We invite you to join our first information session on a potential "Data Literacy Consortium." The upcoming Humanitarian Network Partnership Week provides an opportunity for us to share lessons and potentially begin a user group to co-create the consortium.

Data Literacy Consortium Planning (brief)

Join the IFRC and Centre for Humanitarian Data teams on Monday, February 4, 2019.
(registration is free). If you are interested to join and learn more, we will host an online conversation in late February. Drop us a line for more details.

How's your Data Literacy?

The Centre for Humanitarian Data has a data literacy survey. Can you add your thoughts? It will only take 5 - 10 minutes to help us all support and grow Data Literacy.

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Photo: Data Playbook Beta sprint (March 2019, Heather Leson) ccby