Flash flood and landslides hit Indonesia

A flash flood and landslides following heavy rain have forced thousands of people in Indonesia’s eastern Papua province to flee for their lives. In Sentani Waibu and Sentani Barat districts, 89 people were killed and nearly 7,000 people forced to flee to 15 evacuation sites.The flash flood and landslides damaged 350 homes and flooded 211 homes, and it damaged three bridges, eight drainage systems, two churches, a mosque, eight schools, 104 shops and a market. Since the flooding and landslides began, Indonesian Red Cross teams have been helping people evacuate, provided health care and emergency food supplies.  As well as giving emergency aid, Red Cross teams are focused on reaching communities that have been cut off or those that have been forced to evacuate far from their homes. Initial assessments indicate that people are in urgent need of food, clean water, toilets, blankets, sleeping mats, clothing and psychosocial support. Other needs are medicines, tarpaulins and hygiene items like soap, towels and toothbrushes.