"I dream of a healthy and happy community"

At first sight, Maria Elena is a shy, reserved woman who speaks little. She can not hide her smile of happiness when she notices the arrival of Idanic and Marilyn, Venezuelan Red Cross volunteers who are supporting the community in the development of the livelihood project that will allow this community to strengthen its local capacities and be more resilient.

María Elena lives in the community of Mirador de la Lagunita, a town located an hour and a half from Caracas. In this small community, this community leader is vital when it comes to organizing her colleagues and neighbors in community work.

She takes a deep breath when she remembers that she had to return two years ago from the Dominican Republic to take care of his father who was in poor health. She returned with seven months of pregnancy, now her son is going to be one year old, and she only hopes that her Dominican-born partner will soon be with them in the Mirador de la Lagunita.

Between laughs and gestures of gratitude towards the volunteers of the Venezuelan Red Cross, María Elena dreams of a healthy and happy community. Idanic and Marylin, volunteers of the Venezuelan Red Cross, continuously encourage her to keep going. For her part, she keeps reminding them that she wants to do the planned activity with the children, in the next few days, with her favorite volunteers. María Elena is also a teacher in the community school and the promoter of the "Community Pot". She enthusiastically tells us that she has taken on the great challenge of raising her community in the company of the other leaders who, like her, work hand in hand along with the Venezuelan Red Cross.

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