Iraq: Ferry disaster kills 100, Red Crescent joins search and rescue

23 March 2019, Iraq Red Crescent volunteers joined the local authority and community to rescue passengers from a sinking ferry on the Tigris river in Iraq’s city of Mosul. Nearly 100 people are reported to have died in the accident. Iraq Red Crescent volunteers pulled 58 passengers –half of whom were children- from the water.

“This is a tragic incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the affected families who lost their loved ones,” said Dr. Yassin Abbas, President of Iraq Red Crescent Society. “Our volunteers joined the local authority and community in the search and rescue operation. The Injured received first aid services and then were transported to the nearest hospitals.”

The ferry was heading towards Umm Rabaen island, as part of Nowruz, new year celebrations. Footage of the incident on social media showed the overcrowded ferry flipping over and being dragged swiftly downstream by the river.

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