Learning to be a mom on an unplanned trip

Yorely Alvarez is 24 years old. She is the mother of little Nayeli, who with only one year has traveled three countries in six days with the purpose of changing the course of her story. In her country, her daughter was diagnosed with anemia and was told that the weight of the baby was not appropriate for her age.

Yorely decided to leave her country hoping to get food for her daughter and to be reunited with her husband, who migrated to Peru months earlier. "I could not eat, but the day I did not get any food or medicine for my daughter, I decided to leave."  That was the main reason she crossed the trail through Cúcuta with her baby in her arms and 4 bags.

"What saddens me the most was leaving my mom, we had never separated, and my family was the last to know that I was leaving." On this trip Yorely has spent several days living on the street, a situation that has caused her little daughter to have respiratory problems. Today, she and her baby are in the health care center in the Binational Border Care Center (CEBAF) waiting for their turn to know what treatment can be given to little Nayeli.

"I do not know anything about being a mom, I'm learning a lot on this trip," says Yorely worried. She is one of the many new mothers who travel alone with their children in their arms. She tells us how between moms they help each other to take care of the babies and the suitcases. "Now it's my turn to go to the Red Cross, when I finish the consultation I must return to continue taking care of the bags of the whole group and so that another of my companions can go with her child to pass the screening. We're managing", says Yorely, while waiting impatiently for the doctor's call.

She has the purpose to arrive in the city of Arequipa to be reunited with the father of her daughter and if it is necessary, she will ask for support in the streets to feed the baby. In spite of that, she is grateful for the little she has. "I'm waiting for an appointment with the doctor, imagine how many people cannot do that, I have to be grateful for what little I have and for the people who have helped me throughout the journey, without them I could not be in Peru."