List of candidates for the office of IFRC President

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On 11 December 2023, the IFRC will hold an extraordinary General Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland to elect the new IFRC President.

Based on the IFRC Constitution and Rules of Procedure, the deadline to submit nominations for the office of the IFRC President is no later than 60 days before the opening of the session of the General Assembly, during which the elections are to take place. Nominations were examined by the IFRC Election Committee against the eligibility criteria for the position of the IFRC President. The Election Committee is the IFRC body appointed to review whether the eligibility criteria of all candidates for IFRC governance positions are met.

This is the list of candidates for the post of the IFRC President in the upcoming election to be held on the 11 December 2023:

Ramy Elnazer (Egypt)

Natia Loladze (Georgia)

Abbas Gullet (Kenya)

Kate Forbes (United States of America)

As per the IFRC’s Electoral Standards, please note that the election to the office of the President of the IFRC is an internal matter for the IFRC and its membership. Governments should be aware of the principles and rules governing the election process, in keeping with the principle of independence of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

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