Mongolia bringing the law to the people!

The Mongolian disaster and climate legal landscape has taken big steps in the last decade, including revision of Disaster protection law and establishment of disaster risk reduction councils nationwide. The 2017 Disaster protection law and implementing regulations marks a paradigm shift from response to risk management.  Mongolia is now putting concerted efforts into ensuring these new frameworks are implemented and well understood, particularly at the community level.


Mongolian Red Cross Society, as auxiliary to the Mongolian government in disaster risk reduction, relief, response, recovery plays a critical role in this regard. Since mid-2019, the Red Cross has been working in partnership with Mongolia’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) at national and subnational level to develop and roll out a, “Disaster Law Dissemination – Know your 3Rs – Rights, Roles and Responsibilities”. The project aims to raise awareness and understanding of rights, roles and responsibilities of organisations and individuals to ensure effective DRM and compliance with the new frameworks throughout the country. So far, over 200 Local Emergency Management Agency (LEMA) and Red Cross Branch officers have been trained using the module, with more planned in 2020.


The interactive training brings the law to life and uses a mixture of role plays, games and fun teaching aids to help raise awareness and support better implementation of the law. A video has also been created to support communication and advocacy efforts nationwide.


Red Cross looks forward to continued work with communities, partners and government to ensure better awareness and action on disaster and climate law in Mongolia!

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