Scaling Data Culture with Global Affairs Canada - Conversation

Join us for our next Data Literacy Consortium Online Community Meeting on May 21st, 2019 at 10:00 EDT/14:00 UTC/16:00 CEST (Check Time Zone).

We will be joined by special guests from Global Affairs Canada:

Delphine Rennie, Senior Advisor, & Brian Parai, Deputy Director, from the Results and Delivery Unit, Global Affairs Canada, will discuss their efforts on scaling data culture. Specifically looking at:

  • Mapping stakeholders and adapting outreach and capacity building efforts.

  • How different ‘streams’ at Global Affairs are leveraging data to raise awareness.

  • Brokering connections to enable collaborations and bridge longstanding knowledge gaps.

Global Affairs has been reviewing the IFRC Data Playbook and are very thankful to consider how it might be applied in their work.

We aim to co-create. We will also be asking for inputs on how we move forward with the Data Literacy Consortium.

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