IATI Feasibility Study - Full report

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) was launched in 2008 alongside the Accra Agenda for Action , to deliver commitments on disclosure of aid volume, allocation and results. Instead of central publication to a single database, or reporting through backwards-looking statistical reports, IATI is modelled on the idea of distributed publication: allowing each organisation to publish data on their activities using a common XML (eXtensible Markup Language) schema, and in turn allowing a wide range of re-uses of this data. Third-parties are making use of IATI through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and online search platforms, and are developing integrations to pull selected data into country Aid Information Management Platforms, saving on data collection costs and efforts. Since version 1.0 of the IATI standard was launched in 2011, over 600 organisations have published one or more activities using the format, ranging from large donors, to small NGOs. Donor participation in IATI has been encouraged through the annual Aid Transparency Index . Some donors have placed conditions on funded partners to encourage or require them to publish IATI data, with the goal of better mapping delivery chains or understanding the results of investments. In 2016, IATI was referenced as part of the Humanitarian Grand Bargain.

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