Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul floods

Since 29 April 2024, the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul has experienced rainfall three times higher than the average for this time of year. More than 440 out of Rio Grande do Sul's 496 municipalities reported flood-related issues, affecting around 1.9 million people. A total of 141 people are reported missing, 756 injured, over 600,000 people displaced, and more than 81.000 living in shelters. As of 10 May, the death toll had reached 126. The IFRC seeks to address the needs of people who have completely lost their homes, with particular attention to those living in temporary shelters. Priority will be given to families that have not received assistance, especially single-parent families with children under five, the elderly, and people with disabilities. 

Photo credit: GILMAR ALVES / ASI / Agência Estado via AFP

Emergency response workers use boats to rescue people stranded by floods in Rio Grande do Sol state in Brazil.
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