Türkiye: Earthquakes

A devastating 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck southeast Türkiye in the early hours of 6 February, followed by several aftershocks, killing thousands and injuring many more in the region, as well as in bordering Syria. The Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) is distributing tents, blankets, sleeping bags, bed chairs and mattresses to meet the urgent shelter needs of the people whose houses were destroyed. Through this appeal, the IFRC is supporting TRC to meet the immediate and early recovery needs of 300,000 affected people. Support includes shelter, food and water, mental and physical health services, cash assistance and protection for vulnerable groups.

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A Turkish Red Crescent volunteer carries a young boy away from the rubble of a collapsed building following two deadly earthquakes n 6 February 2023.
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Statement on shelter operations

The Turkish Red Crescent has been working around the clock to deliver aid—in the form of food, clean water, medical care, and more—to people impacted by the devastating earthquake. At the same time that Turkish Red Crescent teams are providing relief to families, its social enterprise arm— Kızılay Tent & Textile Inc—is producing high-quality tents, which other aid organizations purchase and distribute as emergency shelter. To be clear: tent production and the delivery of aid take place concurrently and do not distract from one another.

The Turkish Red Crescent’s social enterprise model enables income generation for the organization, which allows it to operate in a sustainable way and support more people in need all year round. Disaster relief is a team effort and no one organization can do it alone. For example, AFAD is leading the emergency shelter response in Türkiye, while the Turkish Red Crescent has the mandate to lead on the delivery of food and other aid. Turkish Red Crescent teams will continue to work tirelessly as they help families cope with aftershocks, hardships, and a path towards recovery.

Statement on Turkish Red Crescent Society’s status

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) deeply values its relationship with its 191 member National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, including the Turkish Red Crescent Society (TRCS). It is through our steadfast relationship that we can meet the urgent needs of the people of Türkiye. We have done so, together, for more than 100 years.

To clarify, there are no plans to change the status of the Turkish Red Crescent Society. Many National Societies engage in income generation activities in order to support their humanitarian endeavours, in full compliance with the Red Cross Red Crescent Principles. This does not impact their status or their IFRC membership.

From day one, TRCS staff and volunteers have been on the ground, supporting those affected by the earthquakes. With disasters of this magnitude, the humanitarian needs are immense. IFRC and TRCS will continue to help address those needs — together.

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