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Type of Disasters/ Categories
Cold Wave
Heat Wave
Biological Emergency
Insect Infestation
Volcanic Eruption
Storm Surge
Pluvial/Flash Flood
Technological and Man Made
Transport Accident
Nuclear Emergency
Radiological Emergency
Chemical Emergency
Non Technological and Man Made
Civil Unrest
Complex Emergency
Food Insecurity
Population Movement
All other disaster and emergencies

The total number of documents meeting the criteria is 14003
Location Appeal code Appeal name Document type Date
Iraq MDRIQ010 Iraq - Civil Unrest (MDRIQ010) DREF final report
28 Sep 2020
Iran country office MAAIR002 Iran (MAAIR002) Development Operational Plan 2020
28 Sep 2020
Cyprus MDRCY001 Cyprus - Population Movement (MDRCY001) DREF Operation Final Report
28 Sep 2020
Burkina Faso MDRBF015 Burkina Faso - Floods (MDRBF015) DREF Operation
28 Sep 2020
Ethiopia MDRET023 Ethiopia - Floods (MDRET023) DREF Operation
27 Sep 2020
Central African Republic MDRCF026 Central African Rep - EVD Preparedness (MDRCF026) DREF operation update
25 Sep 2020
Colombia MDRCO014 Colombia - Population Movement (MDRCO014) Emergency Appeal Revision 4
25 Sep 2020
Ecuador MDREC015 Ecuador - Volcanic Ash (MDREC015) Forecast-based Triggered Action
21 Sep 2020
Greece IB190920 Greece: Population Movement (Moria Camp fire) Information Bulletin no. 2
19 Sep 2020
Guinea MDRGN011 Guinea - Floods in Kankan (MDRGN011) DREF Operation
18 Sep 2020
Southern Africa country cluster MDR63003 Southern Africa - Drought (Food Insecurity Crisis) (MDR63003) Operations Update
18 Sep 2020
Fiji MDRFJ004 Fiji - Tropical Cyclone Harold (MDRFJ004) DREF Operation Update
18 Sep 2020
Ethiopia MDRET022 Ethiopia - Civil Unrest (MDRET022) Operations Update 1
18 Sep 2020
Mauritania MDRMR012 Mauritania - Floods in Bassiknou (MDRMR012) DREF Operation
17 Sep 2020
Madagascar MDRMG016 Madagascar - Heavy Rains, Floods and Landslides (MDRMG016) Operations Update 2
16 Sep 2020
- Global - MDRCOVID19 COVID-19 Outbreak (MDRCOVID19) 6 Month Update
15 Sep 2020
Senegal MDRSN017 Senegal - Floods in Dakar and Thiès (MDRSN017) DREF Operation
14 Sep 2020
Sudan MDRSD028 Sudan - Floods (MDRSD028) Donor Response
14 Sep 2020
Greece IB120920 Greece: Population Movement (Moria Camp fire) Information Bulletin No.1
12 Sep 2020
Sudan MDRSD028 Sudan - Floods (MDRSD028) Emergency appeal
11 Sep 2020
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