Connecting the world

The Humanitarian Education and Learning Portal is the market place where everyone can go and offer, show and share, give and get, and benefit from the knowledge/experience and also find joint solutions through a peer to peer approach (coaching and consulting) by building a strong network. 

Step 1: Share your initiative

Since August 2013, 30 National Societies have started to share their project-based learning programmes for children and young people, as well as their associated resource kits, events and projects.

We invite any organization or individual working with young people in a humanitarian and project-based context to share their initiative with us.

Step 2: Launch of the Humanitarian Education and Learning Portal

In July 2014 we will make all Humanitarian Education, project, resource kits and other initiatives available in an innovative, inspiring collaborative “room” – the HELP Community and invite youth and people or organizations who work with youth to engage in peer-to-peer collaboration and intergenerational dialogue.


Help us map the various humanitarian initiatives and programmes around the world by submitting yours to appear on our map. Launch form.