About Learning | Education | Training

The Learning | Education | Training (LET) hub supports individuals and organizations with their lifelong learning.

In 2009, the IFRC adopted a resolution to establish a learning environment for the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. The Learning | Education | Training (LET) hub supports individuals and organizations with their lifelong learning. It stimulates new thinking, sets new standards, and establishes a range of curricula that are relevant to the Movements' core business areas and beyond.

The LET hub is a cost-effective, multilingual learning environment that provides extensive online learning and training opportunities for every volunteer and staff  member, as well as colleagues in partner organizations around the world and the general public.

The LET hub's goals are to:

  • change minds for the better by facilitating high-quality learning opportunities and outcomes for all Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers
  • provide a world-class education in humanitarian and development issues, practice, thinking and values – to anyone, any time, any where
  • help strengthen individual competencies and a collective understanding of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement
  • build a global community of knowledge on humanitarian and development issues

The LET hub comprises a range of tools that combine to give a rounded learning environment.

The learning environment

The learning environment benefits from a fast-growing number of high-quality, self-directed courses that are delivered online, as well as a learning community where it is easy to connect with other Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers around the world.

National Societies are encouraged to adopt and use this environment as their own. National Societies can:

  • customize the environment
  • administer their own volunteer and staff members
  • upload their own courses
  • run activity reports to monitor usage

Academic courses

A set of online, tutor-led courses offered in partnership with selected academic institutions worldwide. The courses are accredited academically and currently cover the following four main areas:

More thematic areas will be available in the future.

Reference centres

Reference centres delegated by the IFRC to host National Societies that are recognized as centres of excellence. Their primary function is to develop strategically important knowledge and best practice on specific subjects, which will inform future Red Cross Red Crescent operations.

Communities of practice

Communities of learners come together around key themes, functions and activities, which allows individuals and National Societies from around the world to connect with each other and offers another rich source of free development opportunities.

Learning blog

A public forum where Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers (and others) can discover first-hand testimonies of the value of the LET hub's learning opportunities, share their own experiences, and reflect on what they learn.