WFAD 2012 - First aid with vulnerable people

This year, World First Aid Day is marked on Saturday 08 September 2012. The theme is First aid with vulnerable people.  National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies organize different activities in order to raise public awareness on first aid and injury prevention.

Key messages for this year's theme

• The International Federation believes that everyone has the potential to learn first aid and save lives;
• The International Federation advocates for First Aid to be accessible to ALL in particular to the vulnerable communities and disabled people;
• First aid is an act of humanity showing willingness to save lives with full respect for diversity and without discrimination;
• We should celebrate the numbers of lives saved both by first aid volunteers and by laypersons trained in first aid.

Every year since 2000, the IFRC organizes a World First Aid Day (WFAD) on the second Saturday of September. Millions of people are reached by first-aid messages delivered by Red Cross Red Crescent societies globally. Special events and ceremonies mobilizing volunteers and communities are organised to raise public awareness about first aid. First-aid demonstrations, training, competitions, media coverage via television and radio, street theatre and other activities are organized with external partners such as governments, local community groups and leaders, schools and corporations.

World First Aid Day 2011 was held on 10th September. More than 30 National Societies from all the regions of the Globe reported back on their activities using the theme “First Aid for ALL”. More than 20 million people were reached globally and more than 700 000 Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers and staff were mobilized, mobilization which exists since the first edition of the “WFAD” in 2000.