In Pictures - Burundi crisis

In April 2015, protestors took to the streets of Burundi's capital, following the President's announcement that he would seek a third term in office. The protests led to a number of casualties, and forced more than 96,000 people to seek safety in neighbouring countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.  

Burundi crisis evacuate

More than 100 Burundi Red Cross volunteers have been on the front lines, responding to assist those injured in the violence in the capital of Bujumbura. This includes evacuating the injured to hospital for treatment and providing on-site first aid.


Burundi crisis evacuate injured

The Burundi Red Cross deployed eight advanced mobile first aid posts in Bujumbura. To date, volunteers have evacuated or treated more than 500 people injured in the ongoing violence.


Burundi crisis disease

To avoid the spread of disease, volunteers with the Burundi Red Cross disinfect a barricade upon which there had been open defecation. The spread of disease is a major concern of the Red Cross during situations of civil unrest. 64 cases of cholera and 4 deaths have already been reported in Makamba Province in southern Burundi, among families trying to cross into Tanzania.


Burundi crisis, Leila

Leila Niyukuri, 27, is a volunteer rescue worker with the Burundi Red Cross. A volunteer for seven years, Leila says what matters to her most is contributing to the humanitarian response of the Red Cross and helping vulnerable people in an impartial manner, without taking into consideration their social or political affiliation.


Burundi crisis, volunteer

Toussaint Georges Ndikumana, 39, started working for the Red Cross in 2005. He is in charge of stocks at the Burundi Red Cross. Recently, when returning from work, he came across a motorcycle accident where two people had been injured. “We immediately stopped, and my colleagues and I began to administer first aid before transporting the victims to hospital. It was a powerful experience because it made me feel that I had the ability to rescue injured people in all circumstances.”