One year after drought, a new initiative is leading to a bumper harvest

Published: 21 November 2012 11:50 CET

One year after the Kenyans for Kenya Drought Initiative began, one of the areas, Walda Location in Sololo District, Moyale is already reaping the fruits of the work.

The mid- to long-term plan for the initiative was to focus on integrated food security, water and sanitation, and health with a specific objective of ensuring resilience to the effects of drought for populations in Turkana North, East Pokot and Moyale.

The integrated food security and livelihood project in Walda aimed to improve the food security situation of an estimated 2,100 people through irrigation projects, greenhouse farming and training of farmers. A total of four boreholes yielding 60 cubic meters per hour have been sunk. A water pan, as well as a dam for water storage, was also sunk as well to improve irrigation options.

The project has also identified 60 acres of land which is suitable for farming, and seedbeds were established. One year later, the residents of Walda are already recording bumper harvests. The key crops that are already being harvested include tomatoes, buttercups, kale and spinach.

The residents are all smiles as they sell their farm produces in markets that include Marsabit, Moyale and Isiolo. Cooperatives have been established to ensure that the residents who have moved from the pastoralist lifestyle into farming are able to manage their funds in a sustainable way, as well as getting their goods to market in the best possible condition.