In Pictures - Assisting Burudian refugees

Since pre-election violence erupted in Burundi in April 2015, 77,000 people fled to safety in neighbouring Rwanda. The IFRC has launched an Emergency Appeal of almost 550,000 Swiss francs, to support the Rwandan Red Cross in assisting 10,000 refugees and host communities with immediate emergency interventions.

Rwanda Mahama camp

With 77,000 people living in cramped conditions, the chance of disease outbreak increases. Volunteers with the Rwandan Red Cross routinely conduct mass awareness raising sessions on how to prevent diseases such as cholera, how to identify symptoms, and what do to do should someone fall ill.


Rwanda Mahama camp sick

Volunteers with the Rwandan Red Cross visit daily the Mahama camp housing Burundi refugees. They are often called upon to assist the sick and elderly in getting to the camp's health centre.


Rwanda hygiene

In an effort to ward off an outbreak of disease, volunteers with the Rwandan Red Cross go from tent to tent, stressing the importance of proper hygiene to Burundi refugees.


Rwanda first aid 

Rwandan Red Cross volunteers are supporting refugees at different entry points, in one permanent camp, and in two transit camps, including this one in Bugesera. Here, they go from tent to tent, checking up on anyone who is sick and, if needed, transporting them to the local hospital.


Rwanda NFI

When families fled pre-election violence in Burundi, they did so with very little material items, afraid that carrying too much would draw unwanted attention. Once settled in a camp in neighbouring Rwanda, volunteers with the Rwandan Red Cross provide them with basic household necessities including pots, dishes and jerry cans for water.


Rwanda registration

When Burundian refugees began pouring over the border into Rwanda, volunteers with the Rwandan Red Cross were there to greet and register them. Teams are also providing first aid, nutritional supplements, portable water, psychosocial support, and helping separated family members regain contact with their loved ones.


Rwanda camp

After fleeing violence in Burundi, thousands of refugees are now living in cramped conditions in transit centres, awaiting transfer, or in the one permanent camp. To help limit the spread of disease, the IFRC and the Rwandan Red Cross have four mobile cinemas which visit these settlements monthly, to raise awareness on hygiene promotion. A monthly radio show on hygiene promotion is also being planned.


Rwanda first aid

The journey from Burundi to Rwanda was difficult and ardous, particularly on the elderly. Volunteers with the Rwandan Red Cross regularly visit the two transit centres and one permanent camp where refugees are being housed to check on those who are ailing. They will provide first aid if needed, or refer and accompany the patient to the local hospital for treatment.