In Pictures - Burundi refugees in Rwanda

When pre-election violence erupted in Burundi in April 2015, thousands of people, the majority of them women and children, fled to safety in neighbouring countries. Close to 75,000 have since crossed into Rwanda, with almost 50,000 settling in the Mahama camp in the eastern part of the country.

The Rwandan Red Cross, with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), continues to provide support to both refugees and host communities. In the camp, 54 volunteers are delivering first aid, psychosocial support, and essential non-food items, as well as conducting hygiene awareness campaigns.

The IFRC has launched an Emergency Appeal of 549,000 Swiss francs, aimed at reaching 10,000 people with life-saving support. The Appeal, which lasts through July 2016, is currently 71 per cent funded.

Rwanda refugee camp Mahama

The Mahama refugee camp in eastern Rwanda now houses close to 50,000 Burundians who have fled ongoing election violence at home.


Rwanda refugee camp for Burundians, Mahama

Volunteers with the Rwandan Red Cross are providing essential support to the refugee population, including first aid and psychosocial support.


Mahama refugee camp Rwanda

54 Rwandan Red Cross volunteers are working in the Mahama refugee camp, helping to deliver life-saving assistance to the close to 50,000 Burundi refugees who have settled there.


Mahama refugee camp Rwanda

Refugees gather at the Mahama camp in eastern Rwanda, in anticipation of the distribution of family hygiene kits by the Rwandan Red Cross.


Mahama refugee camp, Rwanda

While some Burundian refugees have opted to settle with host families in Rwanda, the majority have sought shelter at the Mahama refugee camp in eastern Rwanda. The Red Cross has teams working in the camp daily, providing such support as hygiene promotion to keep disease at bay, and distributing family hygiene kits. All photos: Arthur Mackossot, IFRC