In Pictures - Rwanda Red Cross volunteer responders

When pre-election violence erupted in Burundi in April 2015, more than 27,000 people poured across the border into neighbouring Rwanda, searching for safety. 

Volunteers with the Rwandan Red Cross have been on the frontline of the response, registering refugees, providing first aid, nutritional supplements, portable water, non-food items, psychosocial support, and helping separated family members regain contact with their loved ones. 

Meet some of the volunteer emergency responders as they describe their motivation for joining the Red Cross. 

Rwanda Mukamu volunteer

Mukamu Gemajovia, 44, Mahama refugee camp

I have been a volunteer for five years. I am part of the psychosocial team and advise women on family planning methods and health in general. In my heart I love volunteering. When I reach the camp and see many sick people I feel so bad and I want to help them. This is why I chose to work in Kirehe. Whenever I get the opportunity, I donate blood because I feel the need is so high.


Rwanda volunteer Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre Muhire, 22, Bugesera transit camp

I have been a volunteer for three years. I was a beneficiary of the Rwandan Red Cross from primary school. I got books and pens and was cared for by the volunteers. At the secondary school level, I got school fees from the Rwandan Red Cross. I admired their work and I promised myself I will be a Red Cross volunteer and help others the same way that I had been helped. I was part of the secondary school Red Cross club and assisted in the genocide commemorations last year. I was requested to come and support the camp activities in Nyanza because I am known to be dynamic and passionate in what I do. I am motivated to work in the camp because without the Red Cross I wouldn’t be where I am now, I wouldn’t have gone to school. This gives me the power and passion to help others.


Rwanda volunteer Benaldine

Benaldine Mukambera, 45, Mahama camp

I have been a volunteer for 21 years. I joined the Red Cross after the genocide. I saw suffering, pain and distress in the camps then and decided to help. Since then, have never looked back. I live in Kirehe, so naturally I wanted to help. I do various jobs, I remove the sick from tents and afterwards I assist the doctors with the patients in the health centre.


Rwanda volunteer Mundare

Mundere Kalim 42, Mahama camp

My home is near the Red Cross office in Kigali. When I saw the work of Rwandan Red Cross, I admired it and decided to join. I have been a member for 12 years and I am currently a national disaster response team member in Mahama camp and support first aid activities. I love my work and am motivated to continue working in the camp.


Rwanda volunteer Martine

Martine Muntoniyuase 28, Mahama camp

I have been a volunteer for two years. I am currently helping the ICRC with tracing activities. I like to help people and when the opportunity to come to Mahama arose, I took it. I register the unaccompanied minors and give their names to UNHCR and organize the refugee call to families using the ICRC phone.