Argentina Red Cross provides psocological support to those affected by the fire in a disco

Published: 3 January 2005 0:00 CET

More than 180 persons have lost their lives and around 600 have been injured in the fire that broke out last Thursday at a disco in Buenos Aires. Around 2000 persons were attending to a rock concert offered by the disco when the fire started.

The people in the place gave first assistance to the victims until the ambulances and response units from the Red Cross, City Firemen, Federal Police and Civil Defense arrived.

From the very first moment, Argentinean Red Cross gave psychological support to relatives of the victims and to the injured.

Red Cross volunteers accompanied the families that had to identify corps, first at an improvised morgue at the disco, and later that morning at the City Morgue to where most of the dead bodies were transferred.

On the other hand, specialized staff on Psychological Attention on Emergency was mobilized in order to give support and orientation to the volunteers that were working at the place.

Over 100 volunteers from the Argentinean Red Cross from Buenos Aires as well as from other seven branches, Villa Crespo, Vicente Lopez, San Isidro, Moron, San Andrés, Villa Domínico and Saavedra worked night and day supporting people affected.

The Argentinean Red Cross has closely collaborated with other entities such as the City Firemen and Federal Police.