How the Colombian Red Cross fulfilled its mission in 2011

Published: 25 July 2012 14:50 CET

by Silvia Ballen, Head of Communications, Colombian Red Cross

In 2011 humanitarian actions undertaken by the Colombian Red Cross benefited 2,488,655 people directly, and over 12 million indirectly in different lines that are identified in the objectives of its Strategic Plan.  This was the summary of the 2011  Management Report, which has recently been published by the organization.

But this humanitarian task could not have been fulfilled without the help of more than 42,297 volunteers including 18,879 young people, 9,617 in response teams, 2,348 elderly women, 960 managers, 521 working in volunteer support and 9,972 working in the school sector. In addition, the Institutional mission was supported by more than 3,000 employees nationwide and 121,792 people joined with charitable work through voluntary blood donation. A total of 167,089 people contributed to fulfill the humanitarian mission of Colombian Red Cross.

The 2011 Management Report summarizes the participation and support provided by the Colombian Red Cross related to the humanitarian challenges of the last year. This document also reflects how resources, donated by the Colombian people who related to the humanitarian mandate, were managed, as well as the public sector, cooperation projects, donation and companies in favor of the most vulnerable particularly the victims of disaster or crisis.

The Report says that of the 32 departments in  Colombia,  28 experienced heavy rains and 800 of the 1,123 municipalities in Colombia were affected. The Colombian Red Cross was able to reach the most secluded areas of the Colombian territory with the goal of alleviating human suffering.

468,907 people were supported with counselling, emergency humanitarian assistance, psychosocial support and income generation.

26,550 persons were benefited through support for building temporary shelters.

18,642 persons benefited from the risk reduction programme by increasing awareness and responsiveness.

3,275 People strengthened their response capacity, risk reduction and preparedness for climate change.

26,956 persons were trained in fundamental principles and values, protection systems for and the values ​​that they contain.

7,950 Beneficiaries reached through integrated recovery programmes and community development projects.

5,791 People strengthened their capacities  in preventing  risks related to landmines and unexploded ordnance.

3,487 people benefited through the programmes for the prevention and reduction of violence.

60,694 beneficiaries reached through primary care programs in health, integrated management of childhood illnesses, community based first aid and HIV-AIDS prevention.

In 2011 the humanitarian action undertaken by the Colombian Red Cross benefited 2,488,655 people directly and impacted the lives of nearly 12 million people indirectly.

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