Cuban migrants praise the humanitarian work of the Costa Rican Red Cross

Published: 19 November 2015 15:24 CET

By Costa Rican Red Cross 

"We thank the Red Cross for all the help and support. We Cuban nationals are very grateful for the provision of lodging, food and other services. The assistance has been very good", said Irenia Comendador, Cuban migrant at a shelter in La Cruz, Guanacaste.

Since they arrived in the country, hundreds of Cuban migrants have approached the Costa Rican Red Cross searching for help and guidance. The Red Cross has passionately taken the responsibility of meeting their humanitarian needs. The main objective is to make the stay of the Cuban population, currently crossing Costa Rican territory, as comfortable as possible.  

The Costa Rican Red Cross has made available a portable kitchen to be transferred to the shelters that require it. The kitchen is at the disposal of the Cuban community for the preparation of large quantities of food.

"They have enormously helped all Cuban migrants with shelter and food, and we were even allowed to play football. We are very grateful to Costa Rica and to the Costa Rican Red Cross", said Daniel Torres, a young Cuban migrant.

Red Cross personnel visit the shelters in order to evaluate people’s needs, offering them first aid care and running medical checks.

Carlos Herrera, Red Cross National Coordinator for Disaster Preparedness and in charge of operations in the area, explained that the Costa Rican Red Cross has a duty to fulfil towards Cuban migrants.

"We have found solutions to provide assistance to patients and victims, as well as collaboration for the distribution of food aid. We have transferred patients to hospital centres. We are supporting migrants’ medical checks performed at the shelters. The Costa Rican Red Cross is devoted to safeguarding people's lives and helping those most in need", concluded Carlos Herrera.