A little box that brings joy

Published: 1 June 2016 22:30 CET

The Ecuadorian Red Cross has being bringing hope to children who live in areas affected by the earthquake through “Little Boxes of Hope” for several weeks now. Last Saturday 28 May, during his visit to Ecuador, Tadateru Konoe, President of the ‎International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, witnessed how these little boxes bring happiness to children living in the affected communities.

In La Chorrera, a small seafront community where only a few houses are still in place, Konoe had the opportunity to join the volunteers and participate in the handing over of these presents. 

A very organized line of children divided by age were anxiously waiting to receive their boxes. You could see the excitement on their faces. These presents bring a message of hope written by other children who hope this small gesture will make a difference and bring joy to children facing difficult times.

President Konoe happily took part in this event, and many children approached him to get their present with a great smile.