Ecuador Rises

Published: 18 July 2016 16:36 CET

As part of its continued support to the Ecuadorian community, Telemundo 47 / WNJU will air its locally-produced half hour special, ‘Ecuador Se Levanta’ (Ecuador Rises) on Monday, July 18 at 5 PM. The special focuses on the resilience of the human spirit and how those affected have risen from the rubble to rebuild. Cristian Benavides, reporter for Noticiero Telemundo 47, was one of the first stateside reporters to fly to Ecuador one day after the 7.8 earthquake rocked the country in Month. Ninety days later, Benavides returned to his homeland to view the massive rebuilding process for himself.

"Seeing the strength, courage and the spirit of the people of Ecuador, the country where I was born, touched my heart. I saw their commitment to return to a sense of normalcy even after being left with nothing throughout the entire time I was there,” said Cristian Benavides, Reporter for Telemundo 47. “Those are the stories viewers will see in this special, the true every day struggle of the survivors and their willingness to persevere.”

‘Ecuador Se Levanta’ is a heart-wrenching uplifting special focusing on the areas most affected by the massive tremor and the resulting aftershocks such as:  El Chone, Manta, Porto Viejo, Manabi, El Matal and Pedernales, where 80 percent of the town was destroyed. The special also highlights the major humanitarian efforts taking place on the ground to help rebuild and provide needed resources such as the project “La Colmena.” Viewers will be moved by the in-depth interviews of its survivors who are looking to the future and rebuilding their homes, schools, business and overall infrastructure.

“I am proud of the work we are doing at Telemundo 47 to continue helping our Ecuadorian brothers and sisters with the support they need both stateside and in Ecuador to rise up,” added Karen Mendez, Vice President of News for Telemundo 47. “As one of the first local television stations from the United States to report from Ecuador, it is our responsibility to continue telling their story now and throughout the months to come. I encourage all to support the humanitarian efforts to help those who were affected.”

The half-hour special can also be seen on Telemundo-owned stations located in Los Angeles (KVEA), Dallas-Fort Worth (KXTX), Chicago (WSNS), San Antonio (KVDA), Phoenix (KTAZ), Tucson (KHRR), Philadelphia (WWSI), Las Vegas (KBLR), Boston (WNEU), Harlingen (KTLM), and Telemundo affiliate stations located in El Paso, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa and Washington, D.C. The special also includes a dedicated toll free telephone number 800-596-6567 for viewers to donate and support the Ecuadorian Red Cross, Telemundo 47’s partner on the ground in Ecuador. And for those on the go, the special will also be streamed on