Ecuadorian Red Cross inaugurates Medical Emergencies and Prehospital Care Reference Centre

Published: 3 February 2015 16:32 CET


The vision of establishing a financially solid and well administrated Reference Centre, able to deliver high quality programmes and services to interested National Societies is now a reality. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies together with the Ecuadorian Red Cross’s Technical Institute have inaugurated a Regional Reference Centre for Medical Emergencies and Pre-hospital care.

This Regional Centre will assist Red Cross Red Crescent Movement Components in order to facilitate the strengthening of capacities of the National Societies, through the development of methodologies, tools, learning techniques, processes of harmonization, considering the experience and best practices of National Societies in Medical Emergencies and Pre-hospital care.

As an institute it is a satisfaction to have the opportunity to standardize knowledge, harmonize curricula, review manuals for pre-hospital care… From this day on the Regional Reference Centre will spearhead the institute’s efforts to professionalize pre-hospital care in the country and the region”, said Javier Sotomayor, Dean of the Ecuadorian Red Cross’s Technological Institute, during the inauguration ceremony celebrated this past 8 December.

Today our dream of having a Reference Centre in pre-hospital care becomes a reality thanks to the Ecuadorian Red Cross”, highlighted Lorenzo Violante, IFRC delegate, during the signing of the document authorizing the centres operability; “the Ecuadorian Red Cross’s Technological Institute is a reference not only in Ecuador, but also at continental level. Being able to rely on their experience to support National Societies of the Red Cross in the region that need it is a genuine luxury”, he emphasized and on behalf of the IFRC Violante committed to offer continued support to “reach even bigger goals”.

Dr. Juan Cueva Ortega, National President of the Ecuadorian Red Cross shared how challenging, difficult, but gratifying the effort has been on behalf of the National Society so that Ecuador may have an institution that has become the Regional Reference Centre for Medical Emergencies and Pre-hospital care “an academic centre that will without a doubt promote better knowledge management, learning and sharing of experiences among National Societies in the Americas”, manifested Dr. Cueva.

During the ceremony Ines Portilla, Vice-president of the Ecuadorian Red Cross, Oscar Jimenez, National Director of Regionalization of the Costa Rican Red Cross, Francisco Moreno National Health Director of the Colombian Red Cross were among those invited.

This Reference Centre in Ecuador joins three others that exist in the continent: Reference Centre for Institutional Preparedness in El Salvador, the Reference Centre for Education and Community Resilience in Costa Rica and the Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Reference Centre located in Barbados.