Safe water supply system in the community of La Cabuya

Published: 6 July 2016 23:04 CET

The Ecuadorean Red Cross’ Water and Sanitation team and the International Federation’s technicians have been working together visiting the communities affected by the earthquake that hit the Ecuadorean coast on 16 April 2016. During a previous visit to La Cabuya community, located in the Manabí province, safe water experts established that the area had serious water supply problems.

In response to this need, the Water and Sanitation technical team immediately installed a Bladder (an inflatable water container that stores around 20 thousand litres of water) in order to offer the community a non-stop water service.

La Cabuya is a rural area where 17 houses were damaged by the earthquake. The electricity service was reestablished after 22 days. Most of the town’s population are engaged in fishing, and they have seen their livelihoods affected after the disaster.

"The Red Cross has been helping us from the beginning offering us food and other supplies, and now they are installing a water tank so that water will always be available. This aid is very important, especially now that we need to go back to our lives after the fright”, says Fernando Velásquez, an inhabitant of the community.

Part of the volunteers’ work is to do home visits in the communities. Volunteers teach water chlorination and give advice on personal hygiene habits and home cleaning. “It is important to remind people not to forget to cover water containers for preventing disease”, says Ruth Díaz, Ecuadorean Red Cross’ volunteer.