RCRC Magazine correspondents visit the Salvadorian Red Cross

Published: 18 September 2014 4:23 CET


Public Relations and Communications Department / Salvadorian Red Cross

For two days Manuel Ruiz Rico and Vladimir Castro, journalists working with the official Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement magazine, paid a visit to the Salvadorian Red Cross. Their purpose, document some of the projects being implemented by the national society.

The topics covered through their reporting where;  the prevention and response actions that the national society is carrying out with the population affected by or at risk from  the increase cases Dengue and Chikungunya epidemic. In these communities  many of the interventions being implemented  are done so thanks to emergency response funds made available by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies,funding which is being coordinated under the project named. Dengue-Chik V2014.

Furthermore, the correspondents were interested in the  “Social Inclusion Opportunities” project (OIS: “Oportunidades de Inclusion Social”). A project which is being implemented with the e Habitat Confien population, located in the City of Delgado, considered one of the most violent regions in El Salvador.

The end goal is to portray current challenges through stories, aiding assistance to people and communities that are being affected by these great social and public health challenges.

The Spanish reporter, Manuel Ruiz commented that, “this is the first time we have visited El Salvador, as part of a Central American tour s, to learn about the  most important projects that the national societies are implementing, especially in regards to the Dengue, migration, violence and disaster prevention issues” said Ruiz.

According to the journalists this is the fourth country they visit since the beginning of their journey, that started in Costa Rica, and then moved to  Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador, to gather information that will be shared in a dedicated space in the magazine.

Photo journalist Vladimir Castro, said that he hopes this wont be his last trip to this country, to photograph and document what is being done by  and help share this information with others.  

The places  visited were the communities  of El Carmen, a municipality in the department of Cuzcatlan, where  teams were conducting fumigations, as well as carrying out a campaign to increase awareness and promote Dengue and Chikungunya prevention activities. Additionally, during the trip, they visited schools where volunteers and staff lead talks with school children in order to reduce the proliferation of these and other diseases.

During the second day Ruiz and Castro traveled to  the city of Delgado, a municipality where  the OIS Project is underway. They were informed, first hand, about the micro-projects that are being carried out in the Habitat Confien community. They interviewed people and authorities that have benefited from them and l also learned about the progress made so far with the project.

Ruiz’s and Castro’s trip ends in El Salvador, after which they will be returning to their own countries and sharing the  material obtained with the editors of the Red Cross and Red Crescent magazine so that it can be published and shared broadly among the 189 national societies that are part of the movement.