DREF for landslide in Guatemala approved

Published: 13 October 2015 4:31 CET

In response to the damage caused by the landslide in El Cambray II, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, through the  Guatemalan Red Cross, has allocated 81,700 CHF to meet the most urgent needs of affected families. The funds will be used to provide assistance to 1,250 people. The aid will be distributed for three months by the Guatemalan Red Cross, through pre-hospital medical care, psychosocial support, and health promotion, including epidemics control, sexual and reproductive health and hygiene promotion. Additionally, activities will be focus on supporting families whose sources of income have been affected by the death of the people supporting or providing for them, or those families requiring nutritional support, through a non-conditional cash transfer programme (CTP). 

Financial aid is part of the overall contribution of the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF). According to the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED), about 100 houses were buried by the l massive landslide Caused by heavy rains occured on October 1, that displaced 17.689 square meters of land, where more than 273 people were killed.

Summary of current response

The Guatemalan Red Cross deployed a team of volunteers with ambulances and trucks to the emergency area with support from the logistics and the collection

centre at GRC headquarters.  2 pre-hospital care post were established. The National Society is supporting actions in evacuation centres, including psychosocial activities, management of dead bodies by registering names of the people missing with family members, and calls to survivors.

The Guatemalan Red Cross is also providing support in terms of first aid, basic health care, and through the permanent presence of dozens of volunteers trained in first aid.

To date, the Guatemalan Red Cross has carried out the following actions:

- Pre-hospital medical care: 430 people

- Support in transport and identification of dead bodies: 248

- Volunteer mobilization: 197

- Support on restoring family links: 141

- Psychosocial support: 470 people

- Mobilization of humanitarian aid at the collection centre: 21 tons of hygiene and food kits, 17 tons of water, and 20 tons of clothing.

Pursuant to its auxiliary role, the Guatemalan Red Cross is following evolving humanitarian needs, and it is ready for any government requests for assistance on response actions.