Allies to the emergency

Published: 17 January 2017 22:00 CET

During emergency operations, it is frequent to meet with people and organizations who, faced with the situation and seeing the conditions of vulnerability of the people who were affected by the disaster, decide to offer their disinterested contribution to support the efforts of humanitarian organizations.

This was the case of the logistics company DHL, which last December offered its services free of charge to the Americas Region Logistics Unit of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), within the response to Hurricane Otto in Costa Rica.

Last November 2016, Hurricane Otto strongly impacted the border area between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, causing great damage in both countries and Panama. The three National Red Cross Societies worked on the response and recovery efforts for the affected communities that required supplies and provisions, especially in the first days after the natural phenomenon.

In early December, Costa Rica Red Cross required, as part of its response to the emergency, to send materials that were needed to provide assistance to families that had been affected. In this sense, thanks to the efforts of Costa Rica Red Cross and the goodwill of the DHL company, it was possible to send from Panama, without cost and in less than 24 hours to destination after the allocation of air transport, 1000 kitchen kits and 1000 water filters, essential for the early recovery of families and prevention of diseases caused by water contamination. The Americas Region Logistics Unit of the IFRC coordinated the delivery of materials to DHL in Panama and arrival at destination.

"For us to have allies that allow us to react quickly and at the same time are able to understand the dynamics of an emergency operation represents a great value that allows us to reduce risks and save more lives," said Mauricio Bustamante, Coordinator of the Americas Logistics Unit of the IFRC.

"At DHL one of our pillars of social responsibility is Go Help." For this reason, DHL, through our International Disaster Response Team and with the support of DHL Aviation, carried out the free mobilization from Panama to Costa Rica of a donation made to the National Emergency Commission of 1000 kitchen kits and 1000 water filters provided by the International Federation of the Red Cross Emergency Disaster Fund. We are pleased to have collaborated with the Costa Rica Red Cross and to provide a helping hand to families and people affected in difficult times," said Gilberto Castro, (DRT) DHL Director Disaster Response Team.

The Costa Rica Red Cross requested last december resources from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Emergency Fund (DREF) to address the most urgent needs of affected communities.

The $335,000 approved DREF is focused on meeting water, sanitation and hygiene promotion needs, livelihoods, nutrition and food security and will also have actions to support the repair of houses damaged by the hurricane.