Selwyn Lavia: a beneficiaty story

Published: 22 March 2017 23:27 CET

My name is Selwyn Lavia from Sion Hill Sandy bay. On November 29th 2016 my night started with me wanting to watch a movie. So I went to bed earlier and then awoke at about 10 o clock to view the movie. Then I was shocked, as what I thought was thunder and the electricity leaving, was in fact the plum tree that had collapsed into the house. Less than 5 minutes after I sat to view the movie, mud started to flow into the house.


I came out and saw my neighbour Lester who told me the whole back of the house was gone due to the plum tree that had collapsed into it. Since 2009 I have been asking my neighbour to cut her plum tree, she however informed me that it was a source of finance and this was never done.


I decided to get some lumber and some galvanize and put them up to block off from the elements. On the following Saturday a group came to distribute items to those persons more in need. I told them that they should focus on those more affected than I was and even though given the opportunity I didn’t choose anything for myself. The person responsible however saw fit to present to me some clothing for my daughter.


The day of distribution of the food baskets, we began in old sandy bay towards London. The distribution of the food baskets was very good. I and Mr. Morgan of the Red Cross had a very successful operation.


The last operation of sharing the hygiene kit was not to my satisfaction as I believe that other persons who were not severely affected received kits. I believe that when am distributing even though am affected I should be the last person to receive as I put my community first.


In 2013 when water was being distributed I ensured that everyone that needed water as a priority received water and after this was then I then looked for water for myself.


The food baskets and hygiene kits that were distributed were very wonderful. The hygiene kit was something that the people never expected. I have not seem NEMO, but the Red Cross has been there for us and I would like for us as a community to acknowledge that. They took persons from the community that they could call to assist them at any time and with the capacity to do so. I would be willing to assist the Red Cross in any endeavor. Red Cross has been there for us during our time of need and has continued to be there even to present day.


I am beginning to rebuild with assistance from a group within the community.


I would like to thank the Red Cross for the opportunity that they have given to be a part of their operations. My main priorities are my neighbourhoods of Old Sandy Bay and Sion Hill. I would like to state that my community comes first even though am affected my community is central in my thoughts. I would again just like to say thank you to the Red Cross and especially Mr. Morgan for all they have done.