International Instructors Provide Zika-Related Training with the Venezuelan Red Cross

Published: 23 February 2017 21:39 CET

On January 24-30, 2017, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), through the Zika Operation, the Reference Centre for Institutional Disaster Preparedness (CREPD) and the Venezuelan Red Cross held a training of trainers on Zika-related health topics. The workshop took place in Valencia, Venezuela, and 22 participants from 10 national branches of the Venezuelan Red Cross received certification. 


As part of the response to the Zika epidemic and its effects in the region, the IFRC, through the Americas Zika Operation and its partners, has implemented a comprehensive capacity building strategy. A large component is ensuring a continuous growth in the National Societies’ capacity to address and prevent the virus. This training of trainers is part of the effort to provide training to staff and volunteers, who can later replicate this knowledge at the local, national and international levels.


“This workshops provides participants a space to discuss and exchange ideas on the Zika virus and other vector transmitted diseases; in this way, it helps to reinforce the capacity of the Venezuelan Red Cross in this area. At the same time, the workshop is a step forward in the Federation’s work to train trainers from across the region in various specializations.” – said Wbeimar Sanchez, Public Health Delegate, Zika Operation, IFRC.


All workshop participants completed a Zika module at the beginning of the training. They then divided in to 3 groups to obtain certification in of the following areas: epidemic control for volunteers; psychosocial support in emergencies; and sanitation and hygiene promotion. Training was delivered by technical experts from the Colombian Red Cross, the Panamanian Red Cross, the Venezuelan Red Cross, CREPD and the Zika Operation.


This training was part of a series of workshops carried out throughout the region. Over the past year, the Operation together with CREPD and CADRIM held 5 regional trainings of trainers, providing facilitator certification to 127 participants from 18 National Societies. At the same time, more than 700 people have completed online training on Zika and epidemiological control, and over 2,000 volunteers were reached through capacity building activities.


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