Shelter Toolkits Distributed to Earthquake Victims in Ludian

Published: 19 December 2014 8:28 CET

By Kazutaka Isaka, IFRC

Yesterday the affected population in Longtoushan welcomed the first batch of much needed relief containing shelter toolkits for 200 households. Longtoushan town is in Ludian county, Yunnan Province, and was the epicentre of a strong earthquake that occurred on the third of August this year, resulting in the death of more than 600 people in the whole affected area.

The first batch of toolkits was distributed on 16 December, and in total almost 2000 kits will be distributed in the coming weeks. The funds for this project were donated to IFRC by the German Embassy, and project implementation was supported by the Red Cross Society of China.

More than four months after the earthquake, most of the people who lost their homes are still living in tents, which highlights the importance of providing the affected families with the supplies necessary to take them through the coldest winter months. Most of the reconstruction activities are expected to start after the Chinese New Year in February 2015, which for many families means several more months in tents.

The earthquake caused severe damage to roads and bridges, making transportation in the region a challenge. Bad road conditions have caused delays in the distribution of the toolkits, although fortunately snow has not yet accumulated around Longtoushan village.

Normal winter temperatures in Ludian county are quite low, but this also means that inhabitants have the advantage of knowing how to deal with cold weather. Beneficiaries of the current shelter toolkit distribution have already received insulated tents to help them stay warm in the coming months.