Korean Red Cross hosts disaster risk management training for local governments and disaster risk management practitioners

Published: 11 November 2016 3:28 CET

Last October, the Korean Red Cross organized a “Volunteers Coordination Enhancement Training in Disaster Management” with the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, the IFRC and UNISDR ONA/GETI in Gyeongju, Korea.

The training was one of the first activities held at the newly-hosted Asia Pacific Reference Centre on Disaster Risk Reduction and Community Resilience, which was officially launched by Korean Red Cross during the 3rdAsia Pacific National Societies Disaster Management Conference. The training demonstrated the challenges of information sharing and field assessments during a mega disaster.

Around 50 participants from local governments, community service centers, and Korean Red Cross staff members associated with disaster risk management took part in the training. With materials developed by the IFRC and scenarios adapted from real-life situations, trainees learned what to expect in actual emergency situations.

A notable aspect of the session was that it diverged from formal in-class room lectures and pre-scripted scenarios. The sessions served to encourage participants to use problem-solving skills in the face of actual situations, like an earthquake that recently struck Korea. The scenario incorporated aspects of coordination, information management, and field assessment to help the trainees merge into the simulation.

As a leading organization for disaster risk management in the Republic of Korea, the Korean Red Cross is looking into possibilities to intensify its partnership with public sectors and other organizations to strengthen its in-country disaster risk management capacity through the Asia Pacific Reference Centre on DRR and Community Resilience Centre.