In Pictures - Myanmar, 6 months after the floods

In Pictures - Myanmar floods 1

In 2015, heavy monsoon rains, coupled with high winds and heavy rain from Cyclone Komen which passed nearby on 30 July, caused extensive flooding and triggered landslides in several parts of Myanmar throughout July and August. 110 people died and over 9 million people were affected in 12 of the country’s 14 states and regions, with loss of homes, livelihoods, crops and food stocks. More than 1.4 million acres of farmland were inundated, with over 840,000 acres destroyed and over 1 million acres damaged. Photo Credit: Emil Helotie/IFRC


In Pictures - Myanmar floods 2

Over 15,000 homes were destroyed and 1.7 million people were temporarily displaced by the floods that affected over 9 million people in total. Photo Credit: Udaya Regmi/IFRC


In Pictures - Myanmar floods 3

Floodwaters swelled the country's major river systems, worsening the situation in the southern delta region including Ayerwady. Although flooding is common in the rainy season, in 2015 it was extreme. Photo Credit: Emil Helotie/IFRC


In Pictures - Myanmar floods 4

Over 1,400 Myanmar Red Cross Society volunteers were involved in supporting evacuations, providing first aid, distributing relief items to families in evacuation centres and affected households and providing clean water and water purification tablets.  Red Cross branches across all 12 affected regions reached over 90,000 people with relief items and over 380,000 people were helped to evacuate. Photo Credit: Emil Helotie/IFRC


In Pictures - Myanmar floods 5

A man from Aye Thar Yar village tries to salvage part of his home after it was swept away by the flood waters. The main needs of affected people were restoring their homes and livelihoods due to both the large numbers of damaged houses and vast acres of agricultural farmland damaged in the floods. Photo Credit: Emil Helotie/IFRC


In Pictures - Myanmar 6

Local Red Cross volunteer Ma Nyein Ei Nwe is teaching local school girls, San Da Lin, Tu Zar Lin and Khin Moe Wi how to wash their hands and cut their nails as part of the Myanmar Red Cross hygiene promotion activities. The floods impacted health structures and contaminated water sources, creating conditions that posed significant threats to the welfare of communities. The Red Cross response include interventions like this, as well as first aid training and mosquito net distributions, that are aimed at safeguarding the health of communities and preventing the spread of disease. Photo Credit: Emil Helotie/IFRC


In Pictures - Myanmar floods 7

Myanmar Red Cross and the IFRC conduct a needs assessment in Kalay township to understand what communities needed to recover from the floods. Based on these assessments the main focus of the National Society’s recovery activities was to provide cash assistance to address the range of early recovery needs faced by the worst affected households, including home repairs and livelihoods.Photo Credit: IFRC


In Pictures - Myanmar floods 8

Community members read a Myanmar Red Cross Society poster in their community to understand the criteria for who was selected to receive cash grants and make sure the process was transparent. As part of the community engagement and accountability commitments to affected communities, 20 Village Recovery Committees, groups of community representatives selected by community members, were created in Sagaing, Magway, Ayerwady Regions and Chin State to work with the Red Cross in a participatory way. Vulnerable households were selected by the National Society together with community administrators, elders, community group representatives and the village recovery committees. Photo Credit: Myanmar Red Cross Society


In Pictures - Myanmar floods 9

Beneficiaries have their finger prints taken to register for their cash grant at a distribution site in Pwint Phyu Township, Magway region. In total 18,839 people (3,249 households) received cash grants of between 300,000 MMK and 600,000 MMK (approx. 230 and 465 USD) to date. A second phase of cash grants was delivered between March and April for an additional 630 households in Kalay and Tamu townships. Photo Credit: Myanmar Red Cross Society. 


 In Pictures - Myanmar floods 10

A beneficiary family receives their cash grant in Kalay, Sagaing Region. This family is one of over 18,800 people who have received cash assistance from the National Society to help them get back on their feet after the floods to restart livelihoods and repair their homes. Cash allows people to use the money in the way that best meets their needs. Photo Credit: Myanmar Red Cross Society