Japanese Red Cross medical teams reach communities beyond Kathmandu

Published: 30 April 2015 21:28 CET

By Noriko Takasaki, Japanese Red Cross Society

Following the earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal, partner Red Cross and Red Crescent societies are supporting the Nepal Red Cross and those affected by the disaster. The medical team from the Japanese Red Cross Society arrived in the Melamchi village in the Sindhupalchoke district, approximately 25 km northeast of Kathmandu and one of the worst affected areas. The team is supporting the Primary Health Center, where doctors and medical personnel have been overwhelmed with patients injured by the earthquake.

The Primary Health Center has received more than 1,000 patients since Saturday, though the most serious cases are being referred to hospitals in Kathmandu. As the Health Center is also affected, doctors must treat patients outdoors with a limited stock of medicines and medical supplies.

Keshab, 18, was at home at the time of the earthquake. His house was destroyed in the quake and both his parents died. His left leg was injured, and a relative brought him to the center on Tuesday. After a day of waiting, received the treatment he needed.

Sachiko Yano, a Japanese Red Cross Society nurse said that more people were beginning to arrive from further afield. “Like Keshab, people from more mountainous areas are just arriving now with a help of their families, to receive much-needed medical attention,” she said. “As it has already been a few days, many are arriving with open wounds and need urgent medical attention.”

According to local authorities, health care facilities that can go into neighboring areas are also needed. The Emergency Response Unit of the Japanese Red Cross Society plans to continue the medical and healthcare relief to the affected population in Melamchi and surrounding areas.