In-pictures: One year on from the Bohol earthquake

Students sit and eat their food near the water and sanitation facilities which are under construction. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) supported the rehabilitation of facilities in 10 schools to ensure safe access for students and teachers after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which struck Bohol islands a year ago. Photo: Cheryl Gagalac


April Lina Lansaderas, one of the beneficiaries of a new home, cuts calamansi inside their shelter in Tubigon, Bohol. For the first phase, IFRC was able to provide 204 families with progressive core shelter. Photo: Cheryl Gagalac


Students play in Dagnawan Elementary School in Inabanga, one of the 10 schools supported by the IFRC with water and sanitation facilities. Photo: Cheryl Gagalac


Brigida and Samuel Halawig outside their new home which was built with support from the IFRC. Photo: Cheryl Gagalac


Students look on as workers build water and sanitation facilities in Dagnawan Elementary School in Inabanga, Bohol. Photo: Cheryl Gagalac


Renante Tongco, who was given funds from the IFRC to help repair his home after it was damaged by the earthquake, installs cables   under his newly bought roof in Tubigon, Bohol. A total of 1,700 families were being provided with shelter repair assistance. Photo: Cheryl Gagalac


The Redolfin family were one of the 204 families provided with progressive core shelter during the first response phase following the earthquake. Photo: Cheryl Gagalac


Roquesa Polison, one of the beneficiaries of a new home provided by the  IFRC trims the plants outside her new home in Tubigon, Bohol. Photo: Cheryl Gagalac