In Pictures - Cyclone Pam, One Year On

On 13 March 2015, Cyclone Pam, a category 5 tropical storm made landfall in the Pacific nation of Vanuatu. The cyclone affected 200,000 people across five countries in the South Pacific. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) launched a major international response, working closely with National Red Cross Societies across the affected region. Within the first six months of its relief and operation across the five countries, 44,000 people had been reached with humanitarian assistance.

Preparing communities for future disasters has been a key component of recovery efforts and the IFRC has pre-positioned disaster preparedness stocks for approximately 1,774 households across all the countries affected by Cyclone Pam. The IFRC’s recovery operations in Vanuatu will continue well into 2017 while activities in Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands are expected to be completed during 2016.

In Pictures - TCPAM One Year 1

The Red Cross distributed relief items to communities affected by Cyclone Pam in Eton Village, Vanuatu. The Red Cross Movement will continue its work to assist communities, families and individuals to build back better and improve their lives. Photo Credit: Hanna Butler/New Zealand Red Cross 

In Pictures - TCPAM One Year 2

In the western part of Tanna Island in Vanuatu, Red Cross volunteers conduct a "Build back safer" awareness session in Lenai community. Photo Credit: Vanuatu Red Cross Society

In Pictures - TCPAM One Year 3

A group of women from Lamanian Village, West Tanna, participate in a focus group survey and discussion with a red cross staff. Photo Credit: Edwina Yeates/IFRC

In Pictures - TCPAM One Year 4

In Buninga, an isolated community in the Shepherd Island group of Vanuatu, a group of boys play football in front of their damaged school while Red Cross staff and volunteers from their village help to fix the damaged roof. Photo Credit: Edwina Yeates/IFRC

In Pictures - TCPAM One Year 5

8-year-old Kumeney Joel lost her home during Cyclone Pam. Luckily, she and her family were able to take refuge in her grandmother, Hannah's house next door throughout the ordeal. Photo Credit: IFRC

In Pictures - TCPAM One Year 6

In Vanuatu, young women from Takara Village in Efate Island learn how to paint popular designs on fabric to sell at local handicraft markets. Photo Credit: Vanuatu Red Cross Society

In Pictures - TCPAM One Year 7

Marilo Shem and Griffeth Charlie stand in front of their now re-planted garden after Cyclone Pam destroyed their crops last year. But the impacts of El Niño have made recovery difficult and many communities struggle with serious food and water shortages caused by drought-like conditions. Photo Credit: IFRC