Luxembourg: essential help in a time of mourning

Published: 7 November 2002 0:00 CET

Three Luxembourg Red Cross psychotherapists are on the site of yesterday's air crash, bringing essential psychological support to the families of the victims. Twenty people died when a Luxair plane went down on its approach to Luxembourg's Findel airport yesterday. Only two people survived.

Authorities set up a temporary morgue close to the crash site, where families can pay their respects to the dead and mourn. The Red Cross psychotherapists are all professionals who have had specialized training in severe trauma.

"It is an absolute priority for us to support those who have been traumatized, that is the victims' families", stresses Jacques Hansen, Director General of the Luxembourg Red Cross. "We have been taking care of them since last night, and we will stay with them as long as necessary."

The Luxembourg Red Cross helped out German Red Cross colleagues during last year's shooting at a school in Erfurt. It has developed psychological support programmes over the past five years, specializing in helping young people in dealing with many forms of violence.