Serbia: Returning money found in items donated for flood assistance

Published: 22 May 2014 14:37 CET

Red Cross volunteer Chachac Suzana Vukic, 19, almost panicked when she found a big pile of money while sorting through relief items donated for the people affected by the floods in Serbia.

Working together with dozens of other volunteers, sorting through the clothes, bags and other items donated, Suzana came across a thick purse which needed to be opened. She presumed it was filled with papers, and it was:  the kind of papers with figures and currency printed on them.

“I did not even try to count because I panicked. I simply blocked and I just wanted to get rid of the money as soon as possible, so I immediately called the coordinator,” Suzana said.

The police were called in, and it turned out that the purse contained more than 2,500 euros.

The purse belonged to a person who is no longer alive, so the money was handed over to their family.

Suzana said she never hesitated for a moment or saw the money as a donation. “I know that is not how they were intended and that this was not our money. Whether the rightful owner wants to donate the money or part of it to our relief work is really up to them.”

Suzana refused a reward for finding the money.