Misquotation in Fars News Agency - Secretary General visit to Iran

Published: 23 December 2014

Removing the misquote of the Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Elhadj As Sy, as well as the picture and the reference to the IFRC in the article related to the possible impact of the sanctions on the work carried out by the Iranian Red Crescent Society.

Dear Sir/Madame,

The FARS news agency was invited to attend a joint press conference between the IFRC and the Iranian Red Crescent on Decembe 19 at Azadi Hotel in Tehran. A question was addressed by your agency about the impact of the sanction on the work of the Iranian Red Crescent and the IFRC Secretary General was wrongly quoted in your article.

The question asked by Fars News Agency was as follows: "Our country is under some  sanctions which aslo affect the Iranian Red Crescent in some areas such as procurement of helicopters  which are needed for its rescue and relief operations. What help and assistance can IFRC provide to solve this problem?"

The actual response from IFRC secretary general should have read as follows: "All   189   NSs members of the IFRC, based on their Fundamental Principles especially impartiality,  Neutrality and Independence are working in very hard and tough conditions such as in armed conflicts and violent contexts. The IFRC is both receiving assistance  and also providing support  to its member National Societies. Considering this situation at international level, if a particular challenge affects the humanitarian work of the Iranian Red Crescent, the IFRC will surely take action to help the National Society to overcome that challenge." 

The quote used by Fars News does not reflect what M. Sy said at the press conference and conveys false information. This content is also challenging our Fundamental Principles.

As a result, we would be grateful whether you could remove the misquote as well as the picture and the reference to the IFRC.

We truly respect your agency and we are keen to demonstrate together accurate information. The IFRC is an independent, neutral and impartial humanitarian organisation which strives to serve communities in need wherever they may be found without taking any political stance.

We thank you in advance for dealing with our request as a matter of urgency.

Yours Sincerely,

IFRC Head of Communication

Pierre Kremer