Iraqi Red Crescent is alarmed by rise in the number of displaced families

Published: 28 July 2014 16:50 CET

By Raefah Makki in Beirut

The situation in many parts of Iraq continues to be challenging as the number of displaced families continue to increase. The Iraqi Red Crescent Society is alarmed by the increase and is scaling up its support to attend to the needs of thousands affected Iraqis. 

More than 104,000 families have been displaced from the provinces of Ninewa, Salah Al-Din, and Kirkuk, according to the Iraqi Red Crescent. The needs of these families are huge and on the rise as the situation remains very hostile in their areas.

The Assistant to the Secretary General of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, Mohammad Alkhozai said: “ So far our teams have registered more than 104,000 families who fled from  different areas in Ninewa,Salah Al-Din, and Kirkuk and Diyala governorates to a number of northern and southern  provinces. The number of displaced continues to increase daily putting a strain not only on the fleeing families, but on the host communities as well”.

The Iraqi Red Crescent staff and volunteers have reached around 270,000 people with essential aid and relief support. They have distributed more than 35,000 food parcels and relief kits and provided more than 800,000 hot meals and gave a special attention to the children needs through providing milk for children.

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society has been active in fourteen governorates, responding to the displacement due to the armed conflict beginning on 10 June. It continues to be one of the main providers of assistance to IDPs and now also providing longer term support to communities.

IFRC has launched an emergency appeal for CH6.4 million in cash, kind or services to help support the Iraqi Red Crescent Society meet the needs of 180,000 people for six months.