Iraqi Red Crescent Society launches its five year strategic plan

Published: 18 February 2014 18:01 CET

By Raefah Makki, IFRC

In light of the challenging humanitarian situation in the region and to ensure stronger preparedness and increased humanitarian services to the most vulnerable in Iraq, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society launched a comprehensive plan to strengthen its organizational capacities and further its positive impact on the Iraqi people.

The formal launch, which coincided with the 82nd Anniversary of the National Society's formation, took place in Baghdad on 16 February 2014 with attendance from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), several Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners and a number of dignitaries and ambassadors.

The launch ceremony started with the speech of the President of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, Dr Yassin Al-Ma’amouri who described the strategy as the first stepping stone for the organizational development of the National Society. Dr Al- Ma’mouri emphasized that the staff of the society have put a strategy for the next five years, as a result of comprehensive reform undertaken by the staff in providing the humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi communities.

President Dr Al-Ma’amouri said: “In recent weeks as we were preparing for this event, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society teams were saving thousands of families affected by the floods in governorates of Babel, Missan, Kut, Salaheddin, Al-Najaf. They were also providing relief and food assistance to the displaced families inside and outside Al-Anbar governorate as heavy fighting was taking place.”

The humanitarian efforts of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society to support affected people in Syria were also highlighted during the speech of the president, as well as by other speakers.

The support to the implementation of the strategic plan was highlighted by representatives and attendees of the event. The Director of the Middle East and North Africa Zone, Elias Ghanem said: “The IFRC is  ready to support the Iraqi Red Crescent Society in carrying the implementation of this strategy forward. We also appreciate the important role of the National Society in supporting the displaced and refugee families affected by the Syria crisis.”

The five year strategic plan of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society is a product of a consultation process which involved over 5,420 people giving feedback via surveys and workshop interventions. This consultative approach has enabled the National Society to build a viable roadmap and foundation for planning and implementing several capacity building efforts to develop this strategic plan.