Kuwait Red Crescent Society supports Jordan Red Crescent in Syrian refugee response

Published: 7 April 2016 14:27 CET

By Soraya Dali-Balta, IFRC

For more than five years now, Jordan has been home for thousands of Syrian refugees who fled the neighbouring country’s fighting. Up to 635,000 Syrians are now scattered across different Jordanian governorates, some living in camps, but the majority staying in ill-equipped shelters, or unfinished buildings. The few that can afford it stay in rented houses. Since 2012, Jordan National Red Crescent Society has been a key actor in meeting the humanitarian needs of these vulnerable people while at the same time supporting the communities hosting them, providing them with necessary relief items and crucial services in cooperation with international and local partners.

Last week, Kuwait Red Crescent Society sent a convoy of 21 trucks laden with relief aid to Jordan to support the Jordanian organization’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

The 74-tonne delivery of humanitarian aid included 2,250 blankets, more than 250 boxes of clothes for children and adults, household hygiene and cleaning items, and 7,000 infant care items, in addition to food parcels of rice and dates. The convoy reached the Jordanian capital Amman on Tuesday, 29 March, and relief is already being distributed.

The Kuwaiti National Society’s relief aid will serve the needs of 1,300 Syrian refugee families for one month in the governorates and towns of Ajloun, Jerash, Hai Al Nazzal, Al Hashmi Al Shamali, and Ruwaished in addition to several neighbourhoods in the capital Amman. The primary focus of this assistance is towards women and children, who constitute the majority of the refugee population in Jordan.

Since 2012, Kuwait Red Crescent Society has increased its support to National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in countries that host Syrian refugees in the Middle East as well as around the world. In recent weeks, the society also launched a campaign in Lebanon, in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross, to distribute loaves of bread benefitting at least 6,000 Syrian refugee families on a daily basis.

Mr Mohammad Al Anzi, who led the Kuwait Red Crescent Society delegation to Jordan said: “We have been keen, and since the onset of the Syrian crisis, to support refugees living in neighbouring countries including Jordan.”

Partnership remains key to ensuring that the Jordan National Red Crescent Society can continue to help people in need. Since the outbreak of conflict and the resulting continuous arrival of refugees at the Jordanian border, the Red Crescent has been by providing relief aid, cash transfer, psychosocial support, in addition to much-needed health services. These activities can only continue thanks to the support of partner National Societies from across the world, as well as other non-Movement partners who see the value of working through the Red Crescent network of volunteers and nationwide throughout the country.

Mr Mohammed Al Tarifi, the head of public relations and communications at the Jordan National Red Crescent Society said: “Since day one, our volunteers have been relentlessly providing aid and services to the Syrian people and with the protracted nature of this crisis, a lot is left to do.”

“Kuwait Red Crescent Society’s support is highly valued at this moment, particularly amid aid cuts and the spreading concern among refugees regarding not being able to meet their basic needs,” he added.