Palestine Red Crescent responds to attack in Gaza, Jenin explosion

Published: 9 April 2003 0:00 CET

The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has come to the assistance of people injured in an Israeli attack in Gaza City and an explosion at a school in the West Bank town of Jenin.

Seven people were killed and 55 were injured, several of them seriously, in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City on Tuesday evening. The President of the PRCS, Younis Al-Khatib, said the injuries were mainly to legs and torso.

PRCS ambulances were on site within minutes. Paramedics and volunteers gave first aid on the spot to most severely injured and transported them to two main hospitals: the Shifa government hospital and the Al Quds PRCS Red Crescent hospital in Gaza.

On Wednesday morning, 29 children were injured in an explosion at a girls school in the village of Al-Jarba, south of Jenin. An investigation has been launched into the cause of the blast. PRCS were again on hand to administer first aid to the children, who were aged between seven and 15 years old, and transport them to hospital in Jenin.

Three of the children are in a critical condition.

Al-Khatib stressed that the war in Iraq should not draw attention away from the suffering of others.

“The suffering of people is the same all over the world. Focusing on one area does not mean that suffering has ended in another area,” he said. “I hope our humanity will prevail while we continue to do the best we can to help people.”

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